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One stainless steel kettle (The old type which is filled by putting water down the spout)
Two round plastic containers (5 litres each)
One jam jar
One plastic funnel
One wire coat hanger
1/4 copper piping (6 ft length)
Also a 1 ft length (1/4 in) copper pipe made slightly bigger at end (For fixing to 1/4 inch)
One rubber bung to fit 1/4 inch copper piping.
One meat thermometer.

Firstly get your 6 ft piece of copper piping, fill it with sand and bend it into a spiral, leaving about 2-3 inches gap between the copper piping and the sides of the plastic container. Try and make about 4 spirals leaving about 6 inches at the other end straight to go through the bottom of the container.

Next get the whole corn, throw it into one of the containers and cover with warm water. Finally cover this container with a cloth and leave it on a shelf for a couple of days.
After a couple of days beat the corn mix until it turns pulpy (Use a potato masher) then add a liberal amount of the yeast, put this mixture into a plastic conatiner with lid, punch some holes into the container lid for ventilation and then the mixture will begin to bubble and turn to alcohol.

First let's make the condenser.
Get the other 5 ltr plastic container, make a hole about an inch from the base, slightly bigger than the copper piping, fit the rubber bung and push the six inch end of the copper piping through the bung to make a "tap".
Now get the wire coat hanger and make a bridge on the top of the plastic container so that the copper piping can hang from it. Make sure that no part of the copper piping touches any of the plastic container.
Now fill the container with cold water, watching out for leaks.

This is where we begin to make "Real" booze. Make sure that the kettle is on the same level as the plastic container!
Firstly make a thick paste out of the flour and the water. Now fill your kettle halfway with the corn mash, put the 1ft peice of copper piping into the kettle spout and secure this in place with the dough paste (this is the safety valve!)
Next push the meat thermometer into the dough mix, right through so one end is in the kettle.
Now put the kettle on the stove with the container next to it (on the worktop!)
Connect the copper piping from the kettle to the copper spiral piping at the top of the container.
Now start to heat the kettle up on the stove.
What will happen is that as the kettle heats up, hot vapour will rise along the pipe and when it gets to the spiral part of the copper piping, which is immersed in water, the vapour will begin to cool down and turn back to a liquid, pure alcohol!
Always check the thermometer and make sure that the temperature does not go above 212 degrees or you may ruin the mixture or even cause an explosion!
Make sure that the jam jar is under the bottom part of the copper piping to collect the liquid.

When the jam jar is full of alcohol and the kettle is empty, turn off the heat, remove the copper piping from the spout and pour the first batch back into the kettle. (The first batch tastes like piss water!)
Now seal up the kettle again with the dough mixture, piping and thermometer and reheat the mixture and collect in the jam jar again.
Keep on constantly tasting the liquid as it will slowly but surely begin to get weaker and weaker. When it begins to taste weak turn off the heat on the kettle.
Now you have your basic alcohol!
All you have to do now is give the booze a little flavour.
Get a plastic funnel, like you use in your car, fill this with charcoal, insert the funnel into a clean milk bottle and simply pour the alcohol through it!
If you have a coffee filter then filter the final mixture through this as well! You have your booze!

Please note that Morticom take no responsibilty for you becoming blind or sleeping with your sister!
This recipe is for information only!