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Victims of Charles Manson
The Tate / La Bianca Murders

Sharon Tate Polanski
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Sharon Tate
24th january 1943 - 8th August 1969





The undisturbed Murder Scene on the 9th August 1969. Sharon Tate (left) has a rope around her neck which is connected to
the body of Jay Sebring (right) the famous Hollywood hairdresser. The rope is still hanging from the rafters.
There must have been a tremendous struggle in this area of the living room as there are ornaments, clothing
and furniture strewn around the room. Just about where Sharon Tate is positioned would have been a
deisgner coffee table and zebra skin rug. These have both been thrown around.


The undisturbed murder scene.. Sharon Tate's arm can be clearly seen clutching at her chest
There were four deep knife wounds in her chest. You can also see the defensive wounds
on her left arm. The rope can be clearly seen and there are matchbooks scattered near to her head.
The matchbooks were probably on the coffee table that was disturbed during the struggle.


Autopsy photograph of Sharon Tate. This photo clearly shows some cuts or deep scatches
on her cheek. A deep knife wound can also be seen near her armpit.


Autopsy photo of Sharon Tate.The three deep knife wounds around the centre of the chest area
can be clearly seen. Also there is a deep knife wound in her belly.
This may have resulted in the death her unborn son, Paul Richard Polanski.


Crime scene photo shows Sharon Tate covered in blood with the rope still around her neck.
Knife wounds in chest area can be clearly seen.
This photo clearly shows damage to cheek.

Autopsy photo of Sharon Tate.
This photograph clearly shows the deep knife wounds to her chest area and the defensive wounds to her arms.
The defensive wounds probably occurred while she was trying to protect her chest area.


Autopsy photo of Sharon tate.
Another photo showing wounds to the chest area and face.


Front page of the autopsy report for Sharon Tate.


Death certificate for Sharon Tate.
What is interesting is that the informant (Emergency contact) is Victor Lownes who made his fame and
fortune creating the porno magazine Playboy. He was partying with Sharon's husband, Roman Polanski, in London
at the time of the murders. Polanski had a very lucky escape. - Arts, Crafts and Collectables
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